Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heading to Paris!

Well, here I am at the Vancouver International Airport, waiting for my flight to Paris. I have been invited by my French publishers, Helium, to attend the Montreuil Book Fair. Does it excite me to put the words, "French" and "publisher" together? Oh, yes. Does it excite me that I'm going to Paris as an author?? Hells yes! Helium has translated and published all three of my novels so far, and I adore the women behind the operation, Sophie and Gilberte, both of whom I have met on a family holiday a few summers ago. 

I will be doing signings at the book fair as well as visits to a couple of bookstores, including Le Merle Moquer and Les Enfants Sur Toit. Yes, I will have translators with me! And best of all, since I didn't really want to go to Paris alone, my dear mom Eleanor is coming with me. She is flying from Toronto, and we'll meet in Frankfurt about 11 hours from now, and fly on to Paris together. 

I'll try to post here throughout the trip! Je suis tellement excitee!
Bad selfie of me in airport.

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