Friday, November 8, 2013

Multiple Choice Question: Is This A) my new author photo or ....

On this Friday afternoon I leave you with this lovely photo below. Is it:

A) my new author photo
B) a picture of my evil twin Suzette 
C) me getting ready for my audition for the all-female rendition of "Hannibal Lecter - The Musical" 
D) a selfie taken during my three hour long session at the dentist? 


  1. All could be viable answers, but I'll guess (D). You have my sympathy. I hate dental surgery. Hope you're doing okay after being in the chair for 3 hours!

  2. I'm doing great, thank you! My dentist is very, very good - but who LIKES going to the dentist?? I was cool till about the two hour mark, then really had to talk myself down a few times after that.