Sunday, March 23, 2014

Big Apple Part 3 - In Which I See 1 Fellow Author, 1 Stranger's Penis and 2 Lions of the Theatre

Well I'm pretty sure I know what part of that heading grabbed your attention. First, here is son at Bar Americain with his enormous steak, and Son in Times Square with his gross-tasting coconut M & M's. There's a reason they are not available in Canada, they're disgusting.

So, last I wrote, we were just about to head to "Sleep No More."  It was really quite incredible. Like, the more I think about it, the more I like it and am also creeped out by the whole thing. Here is the mask you have to wear throughout the performance.
Like I said - creepy. But very, very powerful. They implore you not to stick together with your friends or significants, and it's obvious very early on that to do so would be to have a watered-down experience. I kind of loved it. I wish I'd boned up on my "Macbeth," though I'm not sure it would have mattered much. It was very dark, and you have no peripheral vision, and the mask makes you clammy after a while. And some audience members are effing pushy. But other than that - kind of mind-blowing. I loved when I accidentally came upon actors in action. I didn't "chase" actors like some people because I couldn't stand the stampede quality, but I still saw many incredible and eerie scenes unfold, including a bloody Macbeth getting into the bathtub while Lady Macbeth cradles him (that was the stranger's penis). Son had a completely different experience - which is part of what makes it so freaking cool - and he saw a whole pile of naked bloody body parts, which was disturbing! Me, I missed that scene. I dunno - it was like theatre by David Lynch. Super-cool. Had a great Italian dinner at a little joint right across the street, can't remember the name.

Today (Sunday) we shopped at Uniqlo (kind of a must when we're here - great for basics, especially for Son) then had the most pleasant surprise when Marthe Joceyln was in touch, thanks to this very blog. She was also here in NYC, and we had lunch at the Red Flame Diner. Marthe and I are both published by Tundra and Wendy Lamb (Marthe is much more accomplished than I am) and we have never met. I immediately liked her. So did Son. She is super-talented and so personable! I can't wait to meet up with her again.

Then Oskar and I headed off to the matinee performance of "Waiting for Godot." So you understand - I'm a rube. I have never read Beckett's play. And Son is only 17. But the play stars lions of theatre Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart. I was worried we'd be bored and that the play would be over our heads. And absolutely, some of it was over our heads. But the beauty was - it didn't matter. They were OUTSTANDING. It was a magnificent production. So funny, so moving ... I just couldn't believe those two. They made Beckett's words sing. Even my 17-year-old realized he was seeing something remarkable. Anyway. Here are the two lions (terrible photo), dancing for their encore at the end. It's playing till March 30 - if you have a chance, GO. Being the age I am, I found it incredibly profound (and mystifying in parts, too).
And that, dear friends, is enough for now - more later! We are off to the Red Rooster in Harlem for dinner ... my favourite restaurant in NYC.


  1. Reading this, Susin, I was thinking how much I'd like to meet Marthe too and envying you that over all these other New York experiences. Then I remembered I've never met you either! We're all Tundra-ites now, though, so one of these days, right?

  2. Sara, it would be so great to meet you some day! Remind me of your location. Is it Montreal?? And Fitch, I miss you too!! Imagine a meeting of O'Leary, Fitch, Jocelyn and Nielsen (plus there's a couple more gals I'd add) - what fun we would all have. Hmm, we should make it so.